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Common Home Warranty Appliances

Why Choose Us?

Industry Experience

Community Home Plans’ Primary business is providing Protection Plans to people all across the country. We have years of experience in this industry and we offer all kinds of plans that cover almost anything in your home. Our flexible billing options and plan variety are the result of years of industry experience learning about what our customers want.

Trained and Licensed Professionals

Our trained and licensed professionals are always standing by ready and eager to help. If you should ever file a claim, we will help you through the process and ensure speedy payment.

Superior Quality

Community Home Plans strives to provide our customers and partners with perfect service, the way any company should. Our customers are the backbone of our company and are our primary focus. As long as we continue to operate from that premise, we will never go wrong. Community Home Plans’ superior quality of service will never change.

Flexible and Affordable Coverage

Not only do we have the best coverage and the least expensive prices, but we also have no service fees or deductibles. Other home warranty companies will charge you a fee just for filing a claim, not us!

What our customers are saying next prev

  • Community Home Plans has great customer service. Any time I have had a question, they answer the phone right away. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

    Daniel Miller

  • We purchased a Community Home Plans home warranty on the advice of our realtor last year. Their claims process is quick and I'm glad I followed my realtor's advice. Community Home Plans has given me peace of mind.

    Anne Moore

  • Community Home Plans is great. They've always treated me well and they make me feel secure in my home and my septic system. If my system breaks down, I'm glad I have one less thing to worry about.

    Grace Walker

  • Not only is Community Home Plans an excellent and zero-hassle home warranty company, but it is also a company I can feel proud to do business with. Community Home Plans routinely partners with charities and nonprofits across the country to help communities and families.

    Steve Gordon

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