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Home Warranty Benefits

A home warranty plan can be adjusted to fit your budget. You have the flexibility of choosing the type of coverage you want and how long your home warranty will be. Customization allows you to determine the length, cost, and coverage of your home warranty.

You can avoid costly expensive home repairs.

Major home appliances such as plumbing systems or air conditioning units can incur heavy costs to repair when paying out-of pocket. As these home essentials are necessary, repair usually is not optional and can lead to unexpected expenses and potential debt. A home warranty helps you be prepared for unexpected breakdowns.

Your home warranty will attract buyers.

When selling your home, having a home warranty on your house can be a great incentive for buyers. Interested buyers will be confident knowing that your home undergoes necessary maintenance and is prepared for potential malfunctions in appliances and other systems. You may even yield a greater sales price for your home.

Service rates are consistent

Repair service rates may be different depending on the service rendered and the appliance needing repair. With a home warranty, service fees are generally more consistent and do not include as many hidden fees, or rising rates, making it more affordable.

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