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Camera Warranty

Camera Warranty

7752371186_23dd5687b6Cameras come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. They may be very expensive professional cameras like DSLR cameras or they may be simple point and shoot cameras, worth a several hundred dollars. Regardless, buying a camera warranty from Community Home Plans may be a very good financial decision. Whether you need a digital camera warranty, DSLR camera warranty, camcorder warranty, or a point and shoot camera warranty, Community Home Plans has the right camera warranty plan for you.

Cameras are very important to most people because they are our tools to help us remember the world and turn memories into something more tangible – photographs. Having your camera break at the wrong time (like just before a child’s graduation, before a family vacation, or before any other special event/celebration) can be disastrous. Not only will you lose the opportunity to take high quality photographs and video of the occasion, but you will also incur a relatively large repair/replacement cost. This is especially true if you own a very expensive camera.

Cameras are very finely tuned and fragile instruments. One broken lens or one splash of water could ruin the device for good. They are also notoriously difficult and costly to repair due to their intricate designs and many tiny parts. The best way to avoid being in such a situation may be to purchase a Community Home Plans camera warranty.

When you own a camera warranty from Community Home Plans, attaining a working camera is fast and easy. Just call our 24/7 hotline to file a claim with one of our experts. We will have a technician repair or replace your camera right away. Best of all, we never charge service fees or deductibles. Simply put, getting piece of mind about your camera has never been easier.

Our camera warranty plan is actually part of our larger electronics home warranty. Our electronics warranty plan covers just about everything in your home that plugs into your wall. This includes appliances like your range, oven, and refrigerator, as well as many other electronics like TVs, computers, and your washing machine. With an electronics home warranty plan from Community Home Plans, you get all this protection for just one low monthly price. Our electronics warranties start at just $49.95 per month. Call us now for more information and to check for any special offers currently available.