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Home Theater Warranty

Home Theater Warranty

153217613_16a0058594Home theater systems play a major role in many homes. Whether you have one in the living room, game room, or even your bedroom, a functioning home theater system can amplify the entertainment value you get from your TV and help to immerse you fully in your entertainment such as movies, television shows, and video games. Because individuals value their entertainment so highly, they are willing to pay a lot for a home theater system. Not to mention the cost of installation.

However, what happens if your home theater system stops working? In most cases, getting a home theater system repaired is nearly impossible. If you do find someone with the necessary skills, it will likely be a very expensive repair. Moreover, the cost and hassle of removing your home theater system can be huge, especially if the cables run through your walls or ceiling. The worst case scenario is that you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new system and then spend hours either installing it, or paying someone to instal it.

For this reason, buying a home theater warranty can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. A home theater system warranty plan can protect you financially if anything ever happens to your home theater. When you purchase a home theater warranty from Community Home Plans, you will never have to worry about having to spend thousands to repair or replace your home theater. Community Home Plans will repair or replace it for you.

How does it work? All you have to do if your home theater system stops working is call our 24/7 Community Home Plans hotline to file a claim. Once your claim has been filed, we will have a technician either repair or replace your home theater system at absolutely no additional cost. Community Home Plans never charges any service fees or deductibles.

Our home theater system warranty plan is actually part of our electronics plan. Our electronics home warranty plan covers electronics in your home ranging from your refrigerator to your TV and computer. With our electronics home warranty plan, you get all this protection for just one monthly price. Our electronics warranty starts at just $49.95 per month. Call us now for more information and to check for any special offers currently available.