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Microwave Warranty

Microwave Warranty

microwaveA microwave is designed with many electronic components and moving parts. For this reason, a microwave is a common appliance that may break down in your home. Attempting to fix a broken microwave may cost almost as much as buying a new one. For this reason, any time you’re stuck with a microwave that no longer works, you’re almost always forced to give up cash in order to buy a new one. A good home microwave can cost more than a hundred dollars, and the manufacturer may only offer a limited warranty. However, with Community Home Plans, you can ensure that regardless of the price or style of your microwave, we can give it warranty coverage under one of our home warranty plans. This means your appliance warranty won’t suddenly expire right when your microwave stops working, and should it ever fail, you’ll get a repair technician to fix your microwave right away. Best of all, our microwave warranty plans never have service fees or deductibles.  A microwave warranty provides consumers with peace of mind knowing that, if anything goes wrong, they won’t have to spend money on expensive repairs or replacements.

Once your microwave is covered with one of our home warranty plans, getting your appliance fixed is a breeze. If your microwave breaks, contact us immediately to file a claim. We are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. We will send over a repair specialist who will fix your microwave. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it at no charge. We offer microwave warranty coverage as part of our larger electronics warranty. An electronics warranty from Community Home Plans can cover your fridge, stereo system, toaster, television, and nearly any electronic in your home. We can provide you affordable coverage for your home microwave and other appliances. Our warranty plans start at a low monthly price, and we offer discounts for quarterly billing plans and annual plans.

If you would like to have peace of mind about your microwave or any other home electronic appliance, a warranty plan from Community Home Plans is the right choice for you. Call us today for more information about our home warranty plans and our electronics plans. Call 1-877-225-9049.

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